A No Update Update

Sadly, a no update update. It’s September 2021 and the border is closed for most. This effects tourists, business visitors and most normal people, including all Hong Kong residents. If you want to visit China you must apply a visa – even if you hold a valid multi-entry visa or an APEC card – a … Read more

Huánggǎng 皇岗

Huánggǎng (皇岗) is a very popular border for buses and cars, and it is open 24 hours round the clock in both directions. Most of the buses from Mongkok, Wanchai etc. cross here. And you can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen visa here too! Procedure: Firstly get off the bus at Hong Kong immigration, with all your … Read more

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Luōhú 罗湖

The easiest border to cross into Shenzhen is probably Lowu (Luōhú/罗湖/羅湖). It can easily reached by MTR (subway), in fact, Lowu can only be reached by MTR from Hong Kong. The border is open from 06:30 in the morning until midnight 00:00. The visa office is open 07:00 to 23:30 . Procedure: Take the MTR … Read more

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