News for Indonesians – must read!

Visitors from Indonesia are currently strangely treated when they apply for the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa – males can get the visa – females not! Even for families that come in a group, husband and kids can get the visa – the wife not! Some people suggested that this maybe related to Muslims (wearing headscarf or other Muslin … Read moreNews for Indonesians – must read!

Indonesians can not get the #ShenzhenVisa

February 2017 update: Rules have changes again at the Shenzhen Border and Indonesians can get the #ShenzhenVisa (again). This post below is now obsolete: Lately I see many Indonesians asking if they can get the 5-Day #ShenzhenVisa, or Shenzhen VOA – they can not! Here is the list of nationalities that can not get the … Read moreIndonesians can not get the #ShenzhenVisa