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  1. Hi,

    I’m a Malaysian who work in Hong Kong. I have the HKID and Malaysian passport. Would like to check if I can get the visa on arrival at shen zhen.

    Thank you so much!

      • Hi, I see mixed reports as to whether a VOA is available with UK passport at SZX and if so what are the counter opening times – we will arrive from London (via Brussels) on Hainan Airlines at 0500 in the morning. Staying 48hrs and returning to London again via Brussels. Really appreciate if you can help clarify. Thanks a lot! Tom

        • I vaguely believe this is possible. Check with the airlines ground staff when you check in. There are also flight UK > Thailand with stopover in Shenzhen and I had reports that people manage to stay in Shenzhen.
          Please keep me informed!

  2. Is Thai Passport applicable for a 5 days Visa? I have plan to cross from HK to SZ on December 2019. Would be appreciated if you could help answer this.

  3. Hi there. Just checking if Malaysian passport holders can get the 5 day VOA from HK or Macau. No one seems to be able to give a direct answer.

    • MY passports are fine for the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa. I have no information about the 3-Day-Zhuhai-Visa, but I strongly presume rules are the same and it will be fine too.

        • I am not aware of this. But right now is critical time because of the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Luohu/Lowu and Futian/LokMaChau borders are closed because the MTR train services stopped altogether these days. I heard Huanggang is closed too, but not sure. Lots of rumors these days.

  4. Hello!
    I have a panamanian passport and I´m traveling from Hong Kong Airport to Schenzhen shekou port to join a cruise ship. can I apply with my passport for VOA in the ferry from Hong Kong Airport to Shekou port?

    • You can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at Shekou Port according to my knowledge. The fee for Panama passport holders is RMB 579 (about US$ 85)

  5. Hi,

    I got a Belgium passport and born in Belgium.
    I entered shenzhen on VOA in december 2017 and still have that visa in my passport.

    Now I got stamps of the following countries:
    2017 Sri lanka 2x
    2018 Sri Lanka 2x
    2019 Sri Lanka 3 x
    2019 Saudi arabia 1x
    I read that if you have a stamp of these two countries you will be denied? Is this correct?

    further I have stamps from
    usa 3x
    vietnam 1 x
    thailand 3x
    Bali 1x
    Kuala lumpur 5 x
    Ukraine 7 x
    japan 1x
    singapore 1x
    Serbia 1x

    Can I enter without any hassle again ?.


    • I don’t believe you have a problem. A while ago (2017~2018) Saudi-Arabia and Turkey raised a red flag in China. But I believe it is no problem now.
      Enjoy your trip!

  6. Hi, I am from the Netherlands. I want to cross the border at Luohu and use the VOA service. Is this service also available for children (age 17 and 14) ?

    We all have new passports, I read that you have to bring your old passport. But in the Netherlands, the autorities do not let you keep the old passport. Is this a problem ?

    • NL passports will be no problem. Age is also no problem, they need to pay in full thought (RMB 168). The new passport issue was some time ago and you should be fine to go now. Good luck!

  7. I have a British Passport (UK Citizen), and a HKID (Permanent residence).

    Have been working in HK for about a year, and have not left Hong Kong for over 3 months.

    I have been turned away previously from getting a tourist visa to China, due to something about China and dual nationality.

    Am I still able to get the 5 day Visa to SZ, as I no longer count as a tourist?

    Thanking you in advance,

    • Your status might be different. You said British Passport, HKID (Permanent), in HK a year. You need 7 years to be able to get a HK permanent ID. Does your HKID has ‘***’ (three stars)? If so, then you are classified as Chinese citizen – and you can apply for a “Home Return Permit” (回鄉證), that will be cheaper and more convenient than any type of visa.

      In the meantime, you can try to get the border visa in Lowu or Huanggang border (RMB 304 for UK passports). As long as they don’t see your HKID they might be not aware of your status. But no guarantees given, they may refuse

  8. Hello,

    I want to travel to Shenzhen. but i will fly from Bangkok to Shenzhen airport or i have to fly to Hong Kong Airport? How i get the visa to Shenzhen. Can i get a visa from China Embassy in Thailand or i have to fly to Hong Kong to get the visa? Please, can you tell me how?

    Many thanks

    • As far as I know you can NOT get any visa on arrival at Shenzhen Airport. Your options are:

      1. Get a full China visa in Thailand
      2. Get a full China visa in Hong Kong (that will take a few days though)
      3. Fly to Hong Kong and get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at the border

  9. Hello!
    I’m wanting my mother (UK) to come visit me in Shenzhen next month. She will be staying for 7 days. Would it be possible for her to get a 5 day visa, then renew when it runs out?

    • Sorry for the late reply. The 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa ist good for, you probably guessed it already – 5 days. You can not renew it. What one can do is, leave Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and return and buy a new one. That will then be 2 x RMB 304 , which is probably still much cheaper than a full dual-entry China visa.

    • Sorry for the late reply. Mission Hills Shenzhen will be a bit north of Longhua. I will be sort of borderline and probably already outside the area. But since there are no actual controls and no clear markings how far you can go I doubt going there will cause you any problem.

  10. Hi,

    I have UK passport and do NOT have China mainland visa. My visit is for 2 days to Shenzhen only. I am flying into Hong Kong Airport landing at 5PM on a Tuesday.

    Am I correct that best option is to take 8PM ferry from Sky Pier to Fuyong Port? (Shenzhen Airport)
    Is it correct that Visa On Arrival office should still be open when this boat arrives?

    I have seen that Shekou Port Visa Office will be closed at this time so no chance to get ferry here.

    Other option is to get taxi to Huanggang Port from airport but have to clear HK customs first so overall time is maybe same? Also will have heavy luggage.

    Thanks for any advice!

    • Sorry for the late reply. I believe the visa office will adjust to the ferry schedule. To make it perfectly safe you better take transport to the Huanggang border, which is open 24h.

  11. Hello I am from Luxembourg. (we are less than 500.000 inhabitants in this european country between France, Germany and Belgium)
    Travelling to Hong Kong. And I’d like to do a 1 day trip to Shenzen.

    you see any problem?

    • I believe Lu passport holders will have no problem and you can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at the border for RMB168 same as most other people.

  12. I’m planning a day trip for Shenzhen from Hong Kong. At the end of the day, we need to go back to our hotel in Hong Kong and we would like to take the fast train back. (Shenzhen North station to Kowloon West)

    Do we need to “check out” our 5 day visa? Like get an official stamp to say we have left the country/zone?

    Many thanks

    • With the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa you can leave from any Shenzhen exit point you like, including the rail link to Hong Kong. You can either board in Shenzhen North Station, or a bit closer to the city center in Futian Station. Be aware that the time to get a ticket in Shenzhen North can really take easily 50 Minutes. Lines are often quite long.

  13. I just booked a flight from Shenzhen to Rome.

    I will travel to Shenzhen from Kong Kong taking the 5-days visa.

    It is possible to leave Shenzhen with this 5-day permit?

    • It is no problem to leave with the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa from the Shenzhen Airport. Most problems com from entering Shenzhen and getting that visa. But curently it looks fine. Good luck and nice trip!
      I suggest you go a day early. Hotels in Shenzhen are much cheaper anyway compare to Hong Kong.

  14. Hi, my name is Martin and I have a swedish passport. I plan om visiting Shenzhen the 3rd of may. I have previously gotten a chinese visa in my passport. But I also got a sri lankan stamp, does this matter?

  15. Hello,

    Swedish national here, looking to cross on the 2nd May. I have three chinese visas and two SEZ-visas from previous visits, but always get nervous when it comes to my turkish stamps that I’ve had all along.

    Do you think I should worry, or are my previous visas reason enough to be calm?

    Best wishes,

  16. Hi,
    I am German and my son and me want to come to Shenzhen in April. We plan to arrive to Shenzhen by Ferry from Macao. So we will arrive at Shekou ferry port. I have heard that since late 2016 there is a new terminal. I know only the old one and it always had an office for 5 days VOA. Does the new terminal also has the VOA office?

    thanks for your help, Hans

    • As far as I know the old terminal closed down in 2017 or so and now there is only one terminal – and it should have a visa office. Gute Reise!

  17. Hi,

    I am a British Passport holder with entry stamps in the past year into Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar. Will I face any issue with this VOA at Luo hu Port?

  18. Hi, I’m holding Spanish passport (but I was Chinese citizen before and I already canceled Chinese nationality and Hukou). Can I apply for the 5-day visa in Shenzhen International Airport directly? Do I have to bring other documents with me?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • No! The Spanish passport is no problem. With your previous nationality there might be an issue. That need to be tested. But the key point is – the Shenzhen airport has no 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa option. You need to have a full China visa when you fly in to Shenzhen. Without it you wouldn’t even be allowed to board the plane. I suggest you fly to Hong Kong and then either take the ferry to Shenzhen, or cross the land border at Huangang or Luohu.

  19. Hi ! If i am chartering a car from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, can the car drop me off to apply for the Shenzhen visa and for us to reboard the car again?

  20. Hi, I’m from Indonesia and woman. I will travel to Shenzhen with my husband from Hongkong.
    I already have visa from China about six years ago and 1 year living permit there as student. Also have Japan and Taiwan Visa before.
    Can I use it as warranty to get VOA?
    And My husband can apply VOA there?
    Thanks before

  21. Hi!
    I also give my feedback about Luohu port.
    I have a French passport and it took me about 20min to do the visa.
    It cost me 168RMB.

  22. Hi, on some other websites it says that you have to bring old passports to show when applying for VOA, if your current passport is (relatively) new. Is this still the case? If so, what is the cut-off (for example, if a current passport is older than one year or two years, no need to show old passport)? I have NZ passport but probably no difference?

    Many thanks for your help, and for providing this excellent site!

    • No, it has changed. You can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa with a new passport. It should be no problem.
      However, rules change quick and there is no harm to bring the old passport with China visa if you have one. I would’t show it only if needed though.

  23. Hello

    Is it still a problem to get visa on arrival with turkish stamp? I have a EU passport and it was just a connection for 2 days.

  24. Just to update from my previous Q –

    Myself, British passport, living in Hong Kong with temporary HKID
    My boyfriend, Nepal passport, living in Hong Kong permanent HKID

    Both of us went to Luohu port to go from HK to Shenzhen & got the visa on arrival. Very easy, took us around 20 minutes in total.

    I paid 314 (british), he paid 168 (nepali)

  25. For an Italian passport holder, male, never been to China, passport issued in 2017 without “questionable” stamps: is it possible to enter the Shenzhen area via a border post that issues the 5-day VOA, and then travel back to Hong-Kong with the high-speed train via Futian?

    • Hi. I am planning to charter a private car to go from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Can the car drop us off to make the visa while waiting for us to be back to the car? Which entry point is more recommended?

      • If you want to go to China by a hired private car (that is very possible) you can ONLY cross at the Huanggang border, no other border. Huanggang has the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa and is open 0-24h. Note that you can not leave any luggage in the car and need to bring it through the border by yourself anyway.

  26. I have a British passport & live in Hong Kong (I have HKID). My boyfriend has Nepal passport & also lives in Hong Kong (also has permanent HKID). Can we both get visa on arrival in Shenzhen for a 3 day visit over CNY?

    Thank you

  27. Hi I have Indonesian passport and am a female studying in HK. Are there any news regarding visa for Indonesian female passport holder? I had Chinese visa before.

    • The information from a few weeks ago is ‘no ladies allowed’. I have not heard that this was changed again. Sorry.

    • It should be fine now. I did near hear any rejection reports in the last few month. Please let us know if it worked for you!

  28. Hello!
    Thank you for all these informations. Could you please tell me where you found all these informations? Does an official website exist ?
    Moreover, is it possible to get this VOA even if I previously already had a residence permit ?
    Thank you in forward for your reply!!

    • Unfortunately there is no official website. We source information and put it together here. And specific question we ask the staff when we cross the border. Regulations can change very fast though.

      Whether you can get the VOA/5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa depends on what passport you hold.

  29. Hi there,

    My family and I are planning a trip to Hong Kong end of January 2019 and would like to also visit Shenzhen for a day or two. I have South African passport, my parents also have South African passports and my brother and his wife both have Canadian passports. Would we be eligible for the 5 day Shenzhen visa?

    • For Canadian passports it was so far no problem. I am not sure if that has changed with the recent Huawei/Meng issue. South African passports should be no problem.

  30. Hello, do you know the VOA costs for a German Passholder?I have got a full China Visa last year, so I hope, there are no problems to get a VOA.

  31. As a US Passport holder, flying from JED to Shenzhen Intl. (SZX), I can get a 5-day VOA for Shenzhen area only, correct?
    Can i fly from JED – CAN – SZX and apply for the 5-day VOA once in SZX?
    Can i fly into CAN and get the 72-hr TWOV then take train to SZX then apply for a 5 day VOA?

  32. Hello, my girlfriend (German) and I (French) are planning to fly into and out of Shenzhen, we want to stay 10 days in total. My question is: can we get a VOA, stay in Shenzhen for 3 days, then go to Hong Kong for 3 days, and come back to Shenzhen with a new VOA. Is this possible?

  33. Hi, I hold and australian passport and planning to fly into HK and organise a VOA at the airport to visit Shenzhen for 2 days, confirming this is still allowed?

    Thanks in advance.

    • As far as I know the Shenzhen Airport has no VOA. But with an AU passport you can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at either Luohu/Lowu or Huanggang land border.

      • Yes you need to catch A43 bus from airport to Sheung Shui Square ( cost around $30 HK).
        This bus will drop you outside train station . Then catch train to Luhou port (called Lo Wu in HK).
        Not sure but I think this is around $40 HK dollars.
        Then you need to pass through HK Immigration keep walking until you see a sign on the left saying port visa . There will be a set of escalators going up to the visa office.
        If you get to China immigration then backtrack to find it but it is very close to immigration.
        Then fill in form take your picture in booth provided . Enter office and take a number from the machine just inside the door.
        Take a seat , wait for your number to be called then approach counter. There is three stages ….. Apply ….pay …..
        Receive. Depending on number of people how long you need to wait between each process. Remember to be courteous at all times if you want approval. I think costs around $60 Australian dollars. You will.need this by credit card ( if you want to keep them happy).
        Good luck and have a nice stay in one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

        • Thank you for the details! The train from Sheung Shui to Lowu costs HK$ 24 when you use Octopus. Single ticket is a little bit more expensive, HK$ 26 I believe.

          Do not take the train to Lokmachau – that border has no 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa.

  34. Hi, I am from France and doing my study in Taïwan. I have been to China in 2016 so there is a China’s stamp on the passport. I want to move to Shenzhen from Hong Kong in earlier February, before the 4th, to visit my family.
    Is it possible to get a 5-days Shenzhen visa?

    Thanks for your help.

    • Before French passport could not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, I believe this is more relaxed now. But I am not 100% sure. I will check next time I cross.

  35. Im from Eu and my wife is from Russia and we gonna be in Hong Kong. I understand that i can get 5 day VOA but what about my Russian wife?

  36. hi, i am malaysian passport holder. i planning to go shenzhen for 4 days through hong kong and get the landing visa and is it possible for me for flying from shenzhen back to malaysia or i need back to hong kong ?

    • Hello!
      I’m a citizen of Kazakhstan. And I’d like to ask you, can I get 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa? How much does it cost for passport holders from Kazakhstan? I hope my question and your answer will be useful for travelers from my country.
      Thanks a lot.

  37. I am American and will be going to Shenzhen from Hong Kong for just the afternoon for some shopping. But I will be spending that night back in Hong Kong. What should I enter in the “Address in Shenzhen” part of the form?

    • You are aware that the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa cost for USA passport holders is RMB 956 – that is roughly US$150

      For the address in Shenzhen you can simply write S.Z. or if you like to elaborate a little write Daytrip.

  38. my wife and i have had 5 day shenzhen visas before. but i am planning to bring my kid who has not been to china before. can my kid get a 5 day shenzhen visa?

    • You did not write what passport you hold, bust since you had the visa before it should be fine. Note that there is no kids price.

  39. Hello,
    I’m from Tunisia and I’m studying in Hong Kong.
    I was wondering if I can get the Visa On Arrival for 5 days for Shenzhen when I’m travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen.

  40. I am a Australian Passport holder and regularly visit Hong Kong and then obtain a 5 day Shenzhen visa at Luohu.
    I am now interested to travel on the new HSR from West Kowloon to Shenzhen North and transfer to Shenzhen Metro to Laojie. I understand that passengers embarking at West Kowloon will cleared by Chinese officials at West Kowloon before departing from Hong Kong. Is it possible to obtain a 5 day Shenzhen visa at West Kowloon?
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    • As far as I know you can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at West Kowloon, or at least not yet. But if you really want to try the new rail link you can still use it when you return to Hong Kong from either Futian Station or Shenzhen North station.

  41. Hi there,

    I am travelling from Auckland (AKL) to Shenzen (SZX) over Sydney (SYD) and Shuangliu (CTU), one trip – AKL->SYD->CTU->SZX. Am I eligible for a visa on arrival?

    My flight back is from Shenzhen to Auckland. I have a German passport.

    Thanks for your help.

    • There is no 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa available at the Shenzhen Airport. I am not aware of any TWOV regulation for Shenzhen. So I believe you need a full China visa. Alternately, fly to Hong Kong and use one of the land crossing where the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa is available. You are risking not being allowed to board in AKL.

  42. Hi, I would like to ask if i m going to Shen zhen , guang zhou , and Hong kong for 10days9nights trip. Should i get single entry or double entry when apply for full china visa? there’s consider 1 entry or 2 entry when i m travelling to guangzhou from shen zhen? I m flying back to Malaysia from HK airport. i m holding Malaysia passport. Kindly advise. Thanks!

    • You need only single entry – but you need the full China visa. The 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa isn’t suitable. Note that, if you plan to visit Hong Kong from Mainland China and want to return to Mainland China you need a double entry visa.

  43. Hi,
    im Indonesian passport holders, can i get voa for 1 or 2 day go to shenzhen?
    Are the rules for females cant get voa?

  44. Travel to Shenzhen and Guangzhou from Malaysia for 7days and 6nights, shall I need apply single entry or double entries? I am Malaysian.

    • The 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa is only good for 5 days and for wider Shenzhen area. You need a full China visa. In case you plan to leave China during your stay, for example to visit Hong Kong, then you need a double (or multi) entry visa. If not then a normal tourist visa is fine.

  45. In a few weeks I am planning on travelling to Shenzhen via Lohwu with my 2 daughters aged 13 & 9. We all have UK passports. I have an old China visa in my passport but my daughters do not. Will it be a problem my daughters getting visas at the border? Thank you!!

    • There should be no problem for your daughters to get the visa. Buy note that they will need to pay the full price, RMB 304.

  46. Hey,
    I have HKID but I have a Slovak passport. I would love to make a trip to Shenzhen. Can I get VOA or should I apply for VISA at Chinese Ambassy ?

    • Your HKID is not relevant, but a Slovak passport should be no problem for the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa. Please try and let us know.

  47. Hi, I need to fly my boss to Shenzhen very short notice on Wednesday next week for a meeting and do not have time to sort out a full visa. What would you recommend I do? Will he be able to be granted access via the 144 hour visa exception rule if I fly him to shenzhen and then onto another airport within 144hours of arriving? Mot sure what my options are here. Any help would be greatly apprecaited

    • You can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa at the Shenzhen airport, and Shenzhen doesn’t really have any procedure to visit the city during stopovers.

      The only chance I see is, fly to Hong Kong and try to get the normal 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa in Luohu or Huanggang border.

  48. Applying VOA in Shenzhen for a rush meeting and need to proceed to Xiamen for another urgent meeting.
    Can the visa be used? and depart from Xiamen airport?

    • Absolutely not!

      You will not be allowed to exit from Xiamen. You may get even fined for leaving the Shenzhen area – do not try that!

      Even just travelling to Xiamen is risky. There are no physical visa checks though. Hi-Speed train from Shenzhen is about 4 hours.

      • hi, replying to your message as i cant find where to ask a new question.

        im just wondering where i find offical information on the Shenzhen VOA.
        surely there must be something offical?
        im visiting HK and would like to see Shenxhen for a couple of days.


        • Unfortunately there is no official website, even not in Chinese, about the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa.

          This visa is available since the 1980’s, but nothing is official.

  49. I’m Thai passport holder. I need to travel to Shenzhen from Hongkong.
    If the expiration date of my passport is less than 6 months, can I apply for the Shenzhen visa? (4.5 months remain).

    • Since the visa is only good for 5 days you should be fine and you should be able to get the visa.

      Please report back if it worked.

  50. Hi – I have read on another site that Indonesian passport holders (regardless of male or female) can get the 5 day VOA if they have previously been granted a Chinese visa. I’ve read your comments on the other page that male Indonesian passport holders are eligible but female Indonesian passport holders are ineligible. With all this in mind, can you please clarify whether an indonesian female who has previously had a Chinese visa in the past can get a 5 -day VOA?

    • From my knowledge Indonesian females can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa currently. But rules change all the time and I will try an update in the near future.

    • Here is the promised update:

      Currently no Indonesian passport holders can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, neither female nor male. Sorry for that. This information was given on August 28th 2018. Rules change all the time.

  51. Hi, me and my husb both from Malaysia. We are planning to go HK and from there, want to go shenzen and apply for VOA.Is it impossible?

    • No new news. Male Indonesian passport holders should be fine. I believe the must have old visa rule got also relaxed and it’s not required now. But I strongly suggest you bring your old passport anyway.

  52. Hi,
    I’m a Canadian passport holder, currently in HK for the summer), do I need a China visa if I want to visit Guangzhou? Is there any visa on arrival in Guangzhou by train from HK if you know? I just founded out this 5 days pass is only for Shenzhen so I’m trying to sort it out ASAP! Thank you!

  53. Hi, wanted to ask for Indonesian VOA to shenzhen.
    My wife & I were both holding HK resident, but indonesian passport.
    Been to china on full visa a few months back.
    Will I able to apply VoA for me & my wife?

    • My latest information from a few weeks ago is that only females (your wife) can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa. She will need the full China visa.

  54. Hello,
    I will be entering Shenzhen from HK and then continue to Guangzhou . I understand that the 5 days Shenzhen visa does not grant entry to rest of China (Guangzhou). Would you recommend entering Shenzhen from HK already with a standard Chinese tourist visa (instead of VOA)?
    Is it possible? Or does entering Shenzhen must be done using a special Shenzhen visa and standard tourist does not apply to Shenzhen?

    Thank you, Ben

    • Correct, with the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa you can enter Shenzhen, but you can not go to Guangzhou, legally.

      With the full China visa you can enter Shenzhen too, it counts as China. However, if you have already a single entry China visa you can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, because you are only allowed to have one valid China visa.

      • Thank you so much for the answer.
        So just as a final item, can I use my China visa to enter Shenzen and then continue from there directly on the same visa to Guangzhou?
        Thanks, Ben

        • Sure, with your full China visa you can enter wherever you like, including Shenzhen, and move freely around in China, and leave from where you like.

  55. Can german passport enter into Shenzhen Airport getting arrival 5days visa? He taking SQ from Singapore . Just 1 day in Shenzhen same day evening back to Hongkong. Please advise can he obtain arrival tourist visa in SZX airport upon arrival.
    Thank you very much.

    • Sorry, nein! (no!) The Shenzhen Airport has no VOA. I suggest you fly to Hong Kong and take the ferry from the Airport to SheKou, you can get a VOA there. If you want to fly to Shenzhen you need a full China visa when you board in Singapore.

  56. Hi, I will be arriving in Shenzhen Bao’an airport on a flight from Kuala Lumpur. I have a couple of previous visas on arrival for China in my passport and a work visa for Hong Kong. Can I apply for a VoA at the airport? Seeing on here that you can’t, but read elsewhere that you can, so wondered if things have changed this year?

    • NO! Very big no!. The Shenzhen Airport has no VOA! You will be allowed to board your flight in KL! I doubt this has changed.

  57. I am a US Citizen visiting Hong Kong for the month. My current passport already has stamps from visiting China, but it expires in two months. I would like to get a visa at Luoho. Will I be refused due to my passport expiring so soon?

    • For the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa a near expiry passport should be ok. But be aware that the visa for US passports will cost you RMB 956 – that is roughly US$ 140. That is the same as a full 10 year multi-entry visa.

      My suggestion would be to get a new passport ASAP and apply the 10 year visa.

  58. Hello, my wife and I are wanting to visit Shenzen on our way from HK to Macau. I am an american and she is a canadian, neither have been to China before. More than likely this is a big NO already, but we have a layover in Turkey a month before….is there any way NOT to get your passport stamped in turkey? Im pretty sure I won’t be allowed in anyways, but at least it gives me a 1% chance other than a 0% chance with my Turkey stamp.

    • I have really no idea if Turkey can do a stamp on a separate page. You can ask, but I have doubts. For the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, for Canadian passports it’s generally no problem (however, no China stamp, and a Turkey stamp are two stumbling blocks). Cost for Canadians should be RMB 168, but for US Americans is RMB 956 – about US$ 140 – same as the official 10 year multiple entry visa.

  59. I have a Malaysian passport with my old passport having a chinese visa 5 years ago. Is it possible to get a Shenzhen VOA?

  60. Hi. I have a British passport and had many China visas including visa on arrival. Planning another trip to Shenzhen and only have one full blank page left in passport (no time to renew before the trip). Understand for a normal China visa you need 2 blank pages but can’t find any information anywhere on if you need this for visa on arrival. Is one blank page ok?

    Secondly if you are refused a visa on arrival for whatever reason, do you know what happens? I nearly got stuck there once as I didn’t have RMB. The guard wouldn’t let me back to hk to exchange money and I obviously couldn’t get through. In the end some random exchanged my HKD. (I have a HK ID card so got out of hk over the border this way, as I guess they would normally not allow certain passport holders through if not eligible for visa on arrival?) Thanks!

    • 1.) The 5 days visa is a full page sticker. If there is some free space on some other pages for the entry and exit stamp it maybe enough to give you the visa.

      Hope you no stamps of Turkey or some Middle East places in your passport.

      2.) You will be sent back to Hong Kong the same way you came in. There is no fine, and I doubt it will take long. For the RMB issue, there are other methods of payment, they do take Cards.

      Please let us know how it went.

      • Thanks for your reply. Yes I have one full page for the sticker. There is room on some other pages (half with other stamps) for stamping. Will let you know!

  61. I’m a holder of a Belgian passport visiting Hong Kong and I wanted to spend a day in Shenzhen. I’ve never been to Mainland China before. Am I available to get the 5-day visa? If yes, I have another question. I’ve read that one of the fields asked in the visa is the adress in Shenzhen. I’m looking to spend an afternoon there so I won’t book an hotel or anything. Can I get the visa anyway? Thanks.

    • Generally Belgian passport is no problem, but having not been to China (means no China stamp in the passport) can be a problem. The chance that they refuse your visa is high. Do you have stamps from Turkey in your passport? That would bring your chance to zero.

      For your other question, the entry form has an address field, I always write ‘S.Z.’, that’s it. Or you can write ‘daytrip’.

    • As far as I know the Shenzhen VOA is currently not available for Indonesian passport holders. Sorry.

      • Hello,
        I want to ask, until now VOA Shenzhen from Hongkong for indonesian people still not available sir?

        Thank you for ur answer 🙂

          • a few questions pls
            1) i have a malaysian passport, and have 2 tourist visa stamps from last month and the month before. Am I eligible for the shenzhen VOA?
            2) can I apply for the VOA at Shekou port?

          • Malaysia passport should be no problem, and the Shekou port has VOA service, you can get a visa there.

        • Just a July 2018 update for Indonesian passport:

          Can Indonesian passport holders get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa?

          Males: yes
          Females: no

          If you ask yourself now why? – I don’t have the answer.

  62. Do you know the update about VOA for Indonesian passport?
    I had China visa previously (like 18 yrs ago), it probably doesn’t count.

    • As far as I can tell currently there is no VOA available for any Indonesian passport holders. This information is a few month old. I will send a spy to the Shenzhen border for an update soon.

  63. Hello, if I get a 5 day VOA entering Shenzen from HKG and then leave from Shenzen airport to Laos, can I return within 5 days to Shenzen airport from Laos and then go back to HKG ? I am German. Thanks for letting me know !

    • No! You can leave through the Shenzhen Airport, but you can not return without visa. Once you leave China your visa is invalid.

  64. Hi I hold an Italian passport I have been to China in 2013 with regular Visa, on my passport i have a stamp from Turkey which is dated 2014 (I spent in Istanbul a day) I wanna understand whether I can apply to 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa or due to that stamp it will be rejected


    • The chance to get rejected at the border is rather high. But it is not 100% certain. If you try, please give feedback what happened.

  65. We have a flight from Seattle, Wa to Tokyo. There is a 2.5 hour stop in Shenzen and an 11 hour layover in Xiamen. My question is will we need a visa for Shenzen? We will not be changing planes and will only be there for 2.5 hours. If a visa is needed, can we get it at the Shenzhen airport?

  66. Canadian passport holder, had a 10-year Chinese visa in the OLD passport, the visa was NOT expired. The problem is, the OLD passport was expired and being threw away.

    Got the new one in Oct 2017.

    rumour said that a passport with less than a year old will be denied VOA, unless the old passport was presented all together.

    But just called a travel agency in HK for advice, claiming that this rule is losen …. since Nov 2017. Got the answer that VOA should be no problem for this case.

    Any update pls? Thanks.

    • Problems are usually passports with no China stamp. That you can’t show the old one is unfortunate. But good luck, some people do get lucky.

      Other problems are stamps from Turkey or Egypt.

      Also new: You need a passport picture, but there is a machine around the corner.

  67. Hi, i am female chinese indonesian, planning to go to shenzhen with my mom next week. I have been to china with full visa before (and even i have my single entry visa for now but it is for my trip to guangzhou on the end of this month). Can i apply dor a voa while i have single entry full visa? Is it possible for me to enter shenzhen? What about my mom who have no china stamp? Kindly advise.. thank you

  68. Hi, me and my boyfriend want to go shopping in Shenzhen for 1 day. We have Dutch passports. I have been in China befor and some stamps in my passport. My boyfriend has not. Can we still get visa at the border of lowu?

    • NL passport is no problem, but no China stamp is most likely a problem. So you can, but your boyfriend has a high chance not getting it.

        • If you have no China stamp in your new passport, but one in your old passport it’s better to bring it.

          BTW, Singapore passport holders do not require any China visa in advance and can enter China without visa.

  69. Hello,
    We are a travelling trio from France, Canada and the Netherlands. All of us have never been in china before. So no china-stamp.
    Can we get the shenzen visa at the border? Is it possible? Or maybe possible? Or just completely shut down?

    Or any other idea to get to the city?

  70. Hello,

    We are going from HK to Shenzen. We hold Spanish passports. There should be

    Is it true that we cannot get the 5 days VISA on arrival if we never got a Chinese VISA before? I saw it somewhere on this page but I’m not sure about the sources.

    Regards and thank you.

    • You better hide your US passport then. US people can get the 5-Day-Visa now, but the cost is RMB 956 – that is about US$ 150

      First part, not all EU countries are treated the same. Lithuania should be no problem as far as I know.

    • Belgian passport holders should be no problem, as long as your passport has no stamp from Turkey or Iran in it.

  71. I just tried to get the VoA, with Dutch passport. The officer browsed through the visa pages several times and after confirming that I have been to Iran twice he sent me back to HK. I was only planning to stay a day, so it was mainly an interesting experience, but for those who have hotels etc booked: make sure you read this page very well before counting on getting the visa.

  72. Hi,
    I am a UK resident who has been living in Hong Kong for the last 6 months. Does this count as having a chinese Visa (I have a HKID card and a student Visa to study in Hong Kong)?

  73. Hi dear im female indonesian, i will go to shenzen on march 2018 from hongkong. I’ve been entry china before (guangzhou) last year. So, is that possible for me to get VOA at shenzhen? Because i saw your article female indonesian can’t get VOA right?

    • I am unsure about this. Having already a visa from earlier is certainly good. I will ask the next time I cross the border.

      • hi.. can you please give the update about this question..
        I’m female indonesian too and i’m planning to go to shenzhen april 2018.. i’ve been entry shenzhen at march 2016 with shenzhen voa..
        is it possible for me to re-enter shenzhen with voa this time ?
        thank you

        • From my knowledge it’s currently not possible. I may re-check within the next few weeks. But you may consider getting a full China visa.

          • thank you so much 🙂 looking forward for your information.. I plan to go to dongmen then go back to hong kong on the same day so getting a full China visa is too expensive..

  74. Hi
    I have been told today that it is no longer possible for a UK Passport holder to get a 5 day Shenzhen visa at Luohu border crossing. Is this true?

    • Told by whom? From my information they can get the visa. But things can change from one day to the next at the border, so at this point I can’t say it’s wrong, unfortunately.

    • I am not sure, as far as I know the ‘female’ problem is only with Indonesians, so I would say you are fine to visit Shenzhen. But I will double check it next week for you.

  75. Hi. Im Indonesian. I want to know if this information is still valid : Update Nov 24th 2017:
    I ask at the border today. For Indonesian passport they look at each case individually. The risk that you all, or one in you group can’t enter is very high. I suggest you get a full China visa before you leave your country..
    Thank you 🙂

  76. Dear, Im a russian citizen planning to vizit Shenzhen from Hong Kong for 3-5 days. I have read that, if I havent chinees visas before, it will be impossible to obtain 5 day visa on border, but my colligue has the same situation and she gained a visa in start of October 2017 without any problem in Lo wu. So I what to know what is the offical information now?

    • Alena, my information is that since June 2017 you must have a China stamp in you current, or any old passport that you can show. I have no idea how your friend managed.

    • My latest information is that Indonesians can get again the 5-Day-Shenzhen-visa at the Luohu or Huanggang border. You can only get the visa if you have been in China before, means you have a China stamp in your passport. No China stamp – no 5-Day-Shenzhen-visa! If you have one in an old passport bring it! That is accepted.

      Update Nov 24th 2017:
      I ask at the border today. For Indonesian passport they look at each case individually. The risk that you all, or one in you group can’t enter is very high. I suggest you get a full China visa before you leave your country.

  77. Hi,
    I will fly from Belgium to Shenzhen Airport on Dec 2nd with a Belgian passport. I need to be in Hong Kong the next evening and as I don’t have a Chinese visa, I wonder what my options are. Some websites claim that very recently Shenzhen Airport has also adopted the 5-day shenzhen visa, others claim that recently there is also the 72h or 144h visa free transit and then I also read that there is a way to transit to Hong Kong directly by ferry or bus without any visa at all. I tried to contact Shenzhen Airport but they don’t reply. I wonder if you could get the correct confirmed updated info here as so far it seems impossible to find. Also it seems like the TIMATIC info is not updated correctly either. Anyways, I think it would be good for you to know if it is true that the 5-day-shenzhen-visa is indeed available at the airport since some months.

    • I can’t give you correct confirmed updates but I can give you some ideas up to my knowledge.

    • You can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-visa at the Shenzhen airport!
    • There is no visa free transit from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (however you can go from HK to China without entering Hong Kong)
    • I am not sure about the visa free transit for Shenzhen, I doubt it exists, but even if so, you need an ongoing flight out of China to a 3rd country
    • Whether TIMATIC is updated (I guess it is) or not does not matter, that is the database your check-in counter uses – and you might not be able to board your flight!
    • There is a high risk that you will not be allowed to check in. You could buy a ticket to a 3rd country, such as Taiwan or Thailand. However, I don’t know if you can leave Shenzhen through a land border (I guess you can), but I am pretty sure you can’t go back to China without visa. However, with a BE passport you should be able to get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-visa at the Luohu or Huanggang border and you can can leave China with that visa through Shenzhen airport.

  78. I am a german citizen with a Chinese 72 hours entry stamp from Peking. My intention was to visit Shenzhen for the weekend. The Visa officer at Lo Wu swiped 10 times through my Passport and told me to go back to Hongkong and to apply there for a Visa. I don’t see a reason why the refusal was eligible. Furthermore they act completely intransparent (not how governments should act)

    • From my knowledge a 72 hours entry stamp from Peking should be sufficient for the German passport. But rules are often applied arbitrarily in China. Do have have any other bad condition such as entry stamps for Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia in your passport?

  79. Hello
    I am holding US passport. I will be traveling Thailand next month, and I will fly from Thailand to transit at SHENZHEN CN, SZX airport for 5 hours before coming back to the US. Do you know if I need a visa for this 5 hours transiting? I get different answers for this question. I am not trying to get out of airport. Thank you

    • Your question is not specifically about the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, which is not available at the airport. You ask about a transit visa. I suggest you check your airline, they can check the TIMATIC visa database.

      You can access the DB yourself for example here:

      I was curious and had a look, and I am sorry…:

      Visa required.

      Passengers transiting only are exempt from holding a visa when:
      Holders of confirmed onward air, cruise or train tickets for a max. transit time of 24 hours. Transit incl. multiple stops within China (People's Rep.), with a total transit time of max. 24 hours, is permitted. They must travel to a third country.

      Transit without visa (TWOV) is not possible at Fuzhou (FOC), Huangshan (TXN), Mudanjiang (MDG), Shenzhen (SZX) and Yanji (YNJ).

      This does not apply at Urumqi (URC).

      This does not apply at Guangzhou (CAN).

      Nationals of USA are not permitted to use the multiple-stop transit within China, if transiting through Weihai (WEH) or Wuhan (WUH).

      Holders of confirmed onward air tickets in transit through Guangzhou (CAN) to a third country, for a max. transit time of 24 hours.

      Nationals of USA holding confirmed onward airline tickets departing directly to a third country, if arriving in and departing from the same city:

      at Changsha (CSX), Chengdu (CTU), Chongqing (CKG), Dalian (DLC), Guangzhou (CAN), Qingdao (TAO), Tianjin (TSN), Wuhan (WUH), Xi'an (XIY) or Xiamen (XMN) for a max. transit time of 72 hours, starting from 00:01 on the day following the day of entry.

      at Beijing (PEK), Guilin (KWL), Harbin (HRB), Kunming (KMG), or Shenyang (SHE) for a max. transit time of 72 hours;

      Nationals of USA holding confirmed onward air, cruise or train tickets to a third country, arriving in and departing from any one of the following locations: Hangzhou (HGH), Nanjing Lukou (NKG), Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA), Shanghai Pudong (PVG), Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, Shanghai Wusongkou (Baoshan) International Cruise Terminal or Shanghai Railway Station for a maximum of 144 hours, starting from 00:01 on the day following the day of entry.

      All transiting passengers are subject to a check by immigration. Passengers in transit must hold passports or other documents accepted to enter China (People's Rep.). .

      This does not apply at Beijing (PEK) if staying in the international transit area.

      When transiting in Chengdu (CTU), carriers must send notification to the CTU immigration office before departure.

      When transiting in Changsha (CSX) or Xiamen (XMN) for a maximum stay of 72 hours, carriers must send notification to the local immigration office before departure.

      Certain Visa regulations apply as follows:
      When passengers transit for a maximum of 144 hours, they can arrive in and depart from any of the following locations: Hangzhou (HGH), Nanjing Lukou (NKG), Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA), Shanghai Pudong (PVG), Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, Shanghai Wusongkou (Baoshan) International Cruise Terminal or Shanghai Railway Station.

    • I have been having the same issue trying to get the right answer if we need a visa for an 11 hour layover in Shenzhen from USA to Malaysia. I decided to go to Chinese consulate to get a visa and they told me no I didn’t need one. Again today, China Airline said I did need one. If we don’t have one when we arrive, where will they deport us to? Back to USA? How was your experience? Dis you need one afterall?

      • The airport does NOT have the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa. So the question is, how about transit?

        There is nothing conflicting and the rules are very clear:

        Transit without visa (TWOV) is not possible at Fuzhou (FOC), Huangshan (TXN), Mudanjiang (MDG), Shenzhen (SZX) and Yanji (YNJ).

        That means, you need a full China visa.

  80. Hi, I am holding an Indonesian passport and planning to go to Shenzen from hongkong. Please note that I never travel to china before. Can I get the voa at shenzen ? Read from the internet that Indonesian passport must apply for china visa previously prior getting voa at shenzen. Is this still valid ? Thanks for your info

    • According to my information Indonesians can go again. It is risky though as regulation can change very often.

      Good luck!

  81. Hi i am indonesian,
    I plan to go shenzhen on 25th oct 2017 from hong kong, is the visa arrival avalaible?
    Thank u for the kindly reply.

    • My latest information that Indonesians can go again is already a few weeks old. At that time it was OK. One thing is very important – your passport must have a China stamp! No China stamp in your passport – no visa! You can bring an old passport with a China stamp in it, that is accepted.

      Good luck and please post feedback here!

  82. Using the shenzhen 5 day visa, I want to travel back to New Zealand from Shenzhen airport, transiting through Chengdu (not leaving the airport).
    Has it been confirmed that this is not possible?
    Is there anywhere I can get more official information on this?

    • You can use the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa to leave China from Shenzhen Airport (which is actually in Baoan/宝安) to any international destination. Chengdu has a 72 hour visa free regulation, that looks good. But the key question is whether you go to Chengdu on a local flight or on an international flight – where do you actually go through immigration to leave China?

      If Shenzhen Airport it might work, it has its risks though.

  83. Hi I am holding a Malaysia passport and I have been to China with single entry visa before in my old passport. Im planning to go HK and enter Shenzhen in mid October. Can I still get the 5 days VOA with my new passport?

    • To get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa you must bring your old passport if your new passport has no China stamp yet. With only the new passport you will not get the visa and you will be send back to Hong Kong.

  84. Hello, me ( Slovak) and my boyfriend (Czech) we did not get today 3.10.2017 5 day Shenzhen visa as our passport were issued in August 2017 and we did not have our old passports with us. They have send us to Chinese ambassy which we could not make it today as we were late. We are planning to go there tomorrow. Question is : Is it possible to get 5 day Shenzhen visa at Chinese Ambassy or we have to apply for regular chinese visa? Can we get it done in one day? Does it worth it to go there?

    • Unfortunately since June 2017 you can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa only if you have been to China before and can prove it, means your passport must have already a China stamp – or you bring an old passport with a China Stamp.

  85. I live in Hong Kong but have friends in Shenzhen that I would like to visit using the Shenzhen Visa. Is there a limit to the number of times I can have the 5 day visa? Will I be refused if I request and use it too many times?


    • There is no limit on the times you can apply for the 5 day Shenzhen visa. But for you, living in Hong Kong, it might me cheaper to simply get a multi-entry visa, considering that every 5-day visa will cost you RMB 168 (HK$200 / US$ 26)
      You can check your options with, the are 100% reliable.

  86. Hi…
    Is voa shenzhen open on 3 october 2017? Because I see on chinese calendar from 1 to 8 october national holiday. Please help answer. I would appreciate it.,thank u

    • Sorry for the late reply. The 5-Day-Shenzhen visa offices are open on holidays too.

      Please make sure you have a China chop in you passport, or an old passport. No more arrival visa for first time visitors.

  87. Hi, I’m Indonesian. I will go to Shenzhen via hongkong on End of june 2017 with my family
    Can i apply the visa on arrival via lowu/louhu ?
    Please kindly advise . Thanks.

    • My latest information is that Indonesians can go again. The fee is RMB168 per person. You do not need a passport picture.

  88. I am Canadian citizen and my husband has a British passport. We will be in Hong Kong but would like to visit Shengzhen for one day to do some shopping. Will there be an issue getting the Shengzhen visa and other than our passports and fed, is there other documents or ID that we need to bring?

    • Canadian passports are no problem, UK passports are no problem too, but the fee is higher. Normal fee is RMB 168 and UK passport fee is…. I think it just changed a few weeks ago and is now RMB 300-400.

      You need your passports, that’s it. No passport photo required.

      Update: UK passport fees did not change. The were and are RMB 304 – you can pay by credit card too.

  89. Hi, I’m Indonesian. I will go to Shenzhen via Hongkong in 30 May 2017 with my family,
    Is Visa On Arrival (VOA) still available?
    Please kindly advise . Thanks.

    • You can get the 5 day Shenzhen visa in Lowu/LuoHu or Huanggang. But not in Lokmachau! ID passports are OK, or at least were OK in April 2016

  90. Hi, I am from Indonesia. I am planning to go to Shenzhen in June 2017 with my family from Hong kong and I am not stay at Shenzhen and back to Hongkong at night. Can I apply 5 days VOA shenzhen? Because there are a few issue passport Indonesian couldnt apply it or Indonesia passport holders have to showe passports with visas previously issued by the Chinese government.

    If I can apply it,what price of VOA Shenzen for Indonesian Pasport now

    Thanks for your reply

    • • Indonesians can get the 5 day Shenzhen visa!
      • Price is RMB 168 (I will next time I go to Shenzhen if that applies also to ID passports)
      • The 5 day Shenzhen visa is only good for ONE entry. If you leave you need to buy a new one.
      • You can get the visa even if you have not been to China before.

  91. Dear Sir,
    We are a family of 4 from India. We enter HKG for 3 days in March ,have done PAR. Then goto Japan for one week, then return to HKIA> in afternoon flight fropm Tokyo. On arrival we wish to travel directly from HKIA to Shenzen by Taxi. for ONE Night . Return to HKG , for 4 days and then return to India from HKIA.
    For Shenzen 2 Day visit will We get Visa on Arrival at border or should we apply for Visa to visit SZ before departure from India. ,

    • I am afraid, but Indian passport holders can not get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa. You need to get a full China visa before arrival. Since your time is very limited you need to apply for a China Visa before you leave India.

  92. Hello. I am from Indonesia. I am planning to go to Shenzhen in 20 Feb 2017. Can I apply 5 days VOA shenzhen? Thankss. Because there are a few issue about my country couldnt apply it.

    • Yes you can, since some time in January 2017 Indonesian passport holders can get the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa again!

      Please send a feedback if it was successful.

  93. Hello,if i get a 5-days visa from Shenzhen can i visit Foshan?Also i am leaving from Guangzhou airport,do i have a problem with this?

    • Sorry, this is not possible!

      You can only visit the wider Shenzhen area, Baoan, Nanshan etc. Foshan is near Guangzhou and quite far from Shenzhen. You can fly from Shenzhen Airport with the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa, but you will not be allowed to leave from Guangzhou. You need the full China visa.

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