Looking Forward to July

Latest News: From Monday February 6th 2023 all Hong Kong - China borders will open. No more quota, no more PCR test (if you have not been outside Hong Kong, Macau the last 7 days). Seems we are finally getting back to normal!

Mid/end June 2022 now and it seems China gained control with low daily numbers.

Just a few collected facts from the last few weeks:

  • The daily rate in Hong Kong was as low as 190 a day and is right now back to about 1200 per day.
  • There are no new real restrictions in Hong Kong. Generally the population does not really seem to care much.
  • The Shanghai lockdown is over.
  • Shenzhen and the rest of China has few daily cases.
  • It’s not yet accepted in China, but Covid will stay with us forever.
  • Current hotel quarantine in Hong Kong is 7 days.
  • There is no real official news on any border openings.

There is an upcoming leadership change in Hong Kong, Carrie Lam (林鄭月娥) is leaving office and July 1st John Lee (李家超) is becoming the new Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Generally the border opening is seen as the major priority and there is some hope that John Lee will start his new job with good news.

We will see…..

Some links to what’s going on with Covid:

Let’s see what happens July 1st…