Shenzhen Border May Open in December

Latest News: From Monday February 6th 2023 all Hong Kong - China borders will open. No more quota, no more PCR test (if you have not been outside Hong Kong, Macau the last 7 days). Seems we are finally getting back to normal!

Border opening plans are getting more detailed. Looks like from December limited number of people can enter daily.

This again has nothing to do with the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa for casual visitors, but it’s a sign that things change, very slowly.

Visitor numbers will be limited to a few 100 per day it said. It does not say how to be one of those.

In the article it also said

Earlier this month, Beijing insiders said a full border reopening could happen before June

Here is a link to an article in the South China Morning Post:

SCMP: launch of quarantine-free travel to mainland China ‘brought forward to early December’