Luōhú 罗湖

Note: Since the end of March 2020 China has closed all their borders for tourists. The 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa is currently NOT available!

The easiest border to cross into Shenzhen is probably Lowu (Luōhú/罗湖/羅湖). It can easily reached by MTR (subway), in fact, Lowu can only be reached by MTR from Hong Kong. The border is open from 06:30 in the morning until midnight 00:00. The visa office is open 07:00 to 23:30

Follow the sign from the Hong Kong MTR


  1. Take the MTR from anywhere in Hong Kong to Lowu
  2. In Lowu, leave the MTR and go to Hong Kong immigration to exit Hong Kong
  3. After Hong Kong immigration follow the flow of the people over the bridge (about 100m)
  4. When you enter the China immigration building, go straight past the escalator down. You can see already the passport counter
  5. Do not go to the passport counter, do a sharp 180º left turn and go the escalator one floor up
  6. Get the 5 day Shenzhen visa form and fill it
Fill the application form
  1. Hand it to the counter, and wait
  2. Waiting time is usually just a few Minutes. Pay, get your passport, go one floor down to the China immigration counter

That’s it.


Special Note:  Some countries pay more then others!

Country RMB
Angola 681
Armenia 420
Bolivia Free
Brazil 369
Bulgaria 504
Cameroon 480
Chile 429
Congo 747
Ecuador Free
Ethiopia 487
Gabon 512
Ivory Coast 737
Mexico 371
Moldova 455
Montenegro 160
Panama 579
Poland 475
Romania 512
Russia 393
Ukraine 409
United Kingdom 304
U.S.A. 956
Venezuela 585
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