China is finally open, sort of...

Latest News: From Monday February 6th 2023 all Hong Kong - China borders will open. No more quota, no more PCR test (if you have not been outside Hong Kong, Macau the last 7 days). Seems we are finally getting back to normal!

China finally dropped all Covid measures and opened the borders! Well, sort of….

You still need a visa, and a tourist visa seems difficult to get these days, if not impossible. But no more hotel quarantine! That is certainly good.

Let’s have a closer look how it works entering from Hong Kong…

Firstly, there is quota system to enter China. Currently about 65,000 people can enter daily. You can book your space here:

You need to choose an entry point and time slot, options for border locations are:

  • Shenzhen Bay Port (used by buses)
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (Zhuhai) Port
  • Lok Ma Chau Spur Line(Futian) Port (used by MTR)
  • Man Kam To Port (used by buses)

You also need a PCR test, not older than 48 hours, which you can book here:

You will be given a QR code. Present that QR code and your PCR test result border customs/checkpoint.

If you want to return to Hong Kong on the same day, go to the HKSAR Department of Health Health Declaration Form website and in the section “Other Control Points,” fill out the form: You will get a QR code with the deadline of the time/date that you must return to Hong Kong.

Present the QR code at the HK-Shenzhen border customers/checkpoint, with your PCR test result.

There is one option that does not require a quota booking - the CKS Ferry from Sheung Wan to Shekou / 蛇口. You still need the other documents though.

Shekou / 蛇口 has a 5-day-Shenzhen-visa office - but currently only people with compassionate reasons can get a visa on the spot. You can not get it for tourist or business reasons! Do not try!