Some Talk About Entry

Note: Since the end of March 2020 China has closed all their borders for tourists. The 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa is currently (January 2023) NOT available!

There is some talk going on about opening the border - for business travellers - but that is a start.

This is of course far away from the 5-Day-Shenzhen-Visa for casual visitors, but remember, up to now there is still zero travel into China (except for people with official visa) since March 2020. The people that are going now are either returning Chinese, or foreigners that are moving to China for work - that requires a visa (that can take a few month to apply), a costly test, and some weeks quarantine in a hotel in China.

Here is a link to an article in the South China Morning Post:

SCMP: business travel given priority if Hong Kong-mainland China border reopens

However, RTHK writes as early as February

RTHK: making progress on border reopening criteria